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As with many other forms of cancer, early detection is vital in ensuring the best possible chance of recovery. Thus, it is important to have your oral cancer screenings as soon, or even before you begin to notice signs of anything unusual in your head, neck or face. Ask yourself if you suffer from any of the following:

– If you have a wound or sore in your facial area that has not healed in over two weeks, schedule an oral cancer screening.
– If it feels like you have a lump in your throat that will not go away, or if your mouth tends to suffer from sore throats, you may be suffering from oral cancer.
– Have you ever suffered from unusual or unexplained bleeding from your head, face, or neck areas?
– If you suffer from colored patches, rough spots, irregular bumps and lumps, or unexplained swelling, schedule an appointment for an oral cancer screening.
– Do you ever suffer from numbness or loss of pain within your facial areas?
– Do you ever have trouble fully opening your mouth? Are you suffering from impaired oral skills including speaking, eating, and chewing? If so, schedule an oral cancer screening whenever possible.

If you would like to learn more about oral cancer and to book a screening with Innovative Dentistry, contact us at our dentist office in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our number is (702) 508-0191. Dr. Angela Catalano and our entire team look forward to helping you in every way we can.