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Have you been told that your pearly whites will naturally fall out as you age? Are you aware that there are actually a quite a few things that could help you keep your teeth healthy and strong? Of course, flossing and brushing are important, but would you be interested in learning that other common problems could weaken your teeth?

Sadly, one issue that can lead to missing teeth is grinding. While you may not think that this is a serious problem, would you be surprised to learn that many people actually grind their pearly whites while they’re sleeping? Sadly, this can crack or fracture your enamel and might leave you more vulnerable to dental issues such as gum disease. Unfortunately, chewing on ice, metal, or your nails may also damage your enamel.

Furthermore, as you get older, you might take more medications. This could make you much more vulnerable to a dental condition called dry mouth. Again, while this might not seem like a major issue, did you know that your saliva actually plays a significant role in protecting your teeth because your saliva can carry plaque and bacteria away from your pearly whites? If you are suffering from dry mouth, your mouth won’t be able to produce enough saliva. This may leave you more vulnerable to tooth decay and gum disease. Sadly, if either of these issues is unaddressed, you could have to deal with other problems. For example, gum disease can affect the connective tissue that keeps teeth in place—which leaves you more vulnerable to tooth loss.

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